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The relationship between The Basque Country and Baltistan is a long one. Since 1985, many mountain climbers and Basques have travelled to this remote place, where, in addition to the challenging mountains and glaciers, they found friendship and partnership amongst the local people.nosotros

And so began a relationship that has increasingly become a collaborative partnership and support between peoples and individuals.

The creation of the Foundation was marked by two events: the first was the award, in 1999, from the Government of Gipuzkoa to the expedition organised by the brothers Felix and Alberto Iñurrategi, together with José Carlos Tamayo and Jon Lazkano, for the rescue of a South American mountain climber who was seriously injured on Nanga Parbat.

The full amount of the award was donated to the local Mountain school, ‘Green Mountain Climbing School,’ which had been created in 1997 by the Machulo residents in order to refine and improve the climbing skills of the local porters and climbers, so that they could provide a better service to visiting mountaineers.

The following year saw the second event which touched the hearts of both the Basque mountaineers and their Balti colleagues: the unfortunate demise of Felix Iñurrategi on Gasherbrum II (8,035 m.)antigua

Friends in Machulo greatly felt the loss and, in honour of Felix, changed the name of the mountain school to ‘Felix Iñurrategi Climbing School Machulo.’

Likewise, the friends of Felix did not hesitate for a moment when the time came to realise what they had so often talked and dreamed about: an organisation to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of these remote lands.