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Local Foundation

The Felix Baltistan Machulo Iñurrategi Foundation (FIFBM) is the local organisation which manages the Basque based Foundation. It was established on March 1, 2002 and is composed of 15 members of the local community.

Its Board comprises 5 people: four men and one woman. We consider it a milestone that a woman has joined the Board, becoming the first woman to have the opportunity to participate in community decision making.fatima2

The FIFBM team is currently in a phase of training and strengthening the management and administrative skills of the local people, most of whom are without education or training.

The belief that it is possible to build a better community, a more just and dignified one with a higher standard of living, encourages everyone to strive and work for the community.

The inhabitants of the Hushe Valley have suffered for centuries from the paternalistic attitude of the country, which discounts the abilities of the local community.

basharatAccording to the philosophy of FBF, it is essential that interest in the development of skills and improvement of the position of the inhabitants of the valley is local and associative in structure.  This must be the basis of its development. Any project must be based on shared responsibility, mutual understanding and partnership.

The Foundation has promoted the participation and leadership of the Community in all activities and projects through the creation of subcommittees under the direction of the Committee of Village Notables (Elders), who lead the projects in cooperation with the Board.

rustanAware that development cannot be justified from a so-called exogenous growth model, trying to provide the savings that the economy does not generate itself, the Foundation has focused on an endogenous growth model: one that promotes the internal potential of an economy, be it a country or a small town, not just to provide physical capital but also human capital, technological capabilities and proper management of resources.

OUR VISIONbigrustan

We aim to be a leading and widely accepted developmental institution, particularly in the field of Education, Agriculture, Eco-Tourism, Water Resources, Energy Resources, Skills Development, Women’s Empowerment. Positively influencing the socio-economic conditions of Gilgit-Baltistan and in particular the Hushe Valley, in ways that promote peace, harmony, unity and prosperity. By valuing and supporting collaboration and embodying pluralism, we will offer innovative and dynamic indigenistic programs that are academically, socially, culturally and economically excellent.


FIFBM is a non profit organisation, seeking the welfare of the people of the Hushe Valley, leading our community to a Human, Sustainable and Participatory Development. We aim to work in partnership with international organizations, government organisations and local organisations, to build local capacity, and develop assessment and evaluation procedures in order to improve practice and help identify what works and why.

OUR VALUESShamshair ok

• In our relationships with our colleagues, we aim to be open, supportive, reconciliatory, tolerant, generous, and trustworthy.

• We aim to be supportive and flexible, to provide a mentoring environment, to respect pluralism, and to promote equity and equality.

• In our relationships with our partners, we aim to be trustworthy, collaborative, empowering, and supportive, accommodating needs and diverse perspectives.akhon

• We seek to reinforce the positive self-images of all concerned and be valued because of our developmental expertise.

• In our commercial relationships, we aim to be absolutely reliable and even-handed at all times.