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  • President: Jose Manuel Ruiz
  • Secretary: Inazio Arregi
  • Members: Mercedes Calvo, Alberto Iñurrategi, Pedro Ibarra, Jon Mancisidor, Txaro Otxandorena, Marta Bernaola

Working staff

  • Project Manager:Elena Eizaga -
  • Education Project Manager/Communications Officer: Eunate Saiz -


Education team

José Manuel Ruiz, Eunate Saiz (coordinator), Pedro Ibarra, Javi Riaño, Koldo Miembro, Asier Dieguez, Ziortza Olano, Marta Bernaola, Saioa Elgezua, Idurre Olano, Mikel Colina.

Health team

Txaro Otxandorena (coordinator), Olatz Irazustabarrena.

Gender equity team

Txaro Otxandorena, Eunate Saiz, Marta Bernaola, Elena Eizaga, Kalsoom.

Agriculture team

Arrate Iturbe (coordinator), Argiñe Muruamendiaraz, Ainhoa Azpeitia.

Comunication team

Enaitz Ezpeleta, Inazio Arregi, Eunate Saiz, Jon Mancisidor, Alberto Iñurrategi, Pedro Ibarra, Fatima, Maider Arregi, Isabel Blázquez, Carmen, Bernat Alberdi, Miren Arregi, Sheila Katherine Fritz, Kalsoom, Patricia, Yasar, Sahar, Clare Guillespie, Ibon Azpilikueta.

Long time volunteers

Sonia López  sonia

 “When the voices of the women of Machulo are heard by everyone, their invaluable contribution to the community will become visible.”



Víctor Ruiz de Erentxun Victor

"This land and these people have given me the opportunity to implement much of what I've learned from over 20 years of experience, and have given me a very clear objective: to help improve their living conditions, which is no small ... "



Txema Camaratxema

"We were lucky to be born in the first world and in the present time, but that does not mean we cannot learn many things from the people of the Hushe Valley and of other lands we call the third world. With the survival of the planet in jeopardy, these people are specialists at living with very little, learn.

 Xixili Fernandezxixili

“In Baltistan one breathes a special air. There is an energy that permeates the lives of all the people who survive there, one that makes us reformulate our deep rooted concepts. Humans are able to overcome the worst adversity, as the Baltis do, with peace of heart and a smiling face, striving to overcome the injustices and lack of human rights which have been their lot.

Guillermo Maceirasguille

“Collaborating with the people of the Hushe Valley means taking a path along which the summit is felt at every step. But even if I worked ten lives with these people, I would not be able to repay them for how they made me feel.”

Ortzi AkizuOrtzi-ok

“It all started with a few trips to the Karakoram, a rescue, a few nights of tea and clouds ... the mountains and the people who know how to walk in them. To hug them and to leave them and then to return back to the reality awaiting me in the Hushe Valley ... “

Borja MorenoBorja

“Introducing the BF to the renewable energy project is an important step in my life. It has meant I can help the people of a less developed country and at the same time increase my cultural and intellectual knowledge.”



Javi Riaño y Asier Dieguezjavi+asier2

“Our friends in the Hushe Valley are convinced that education is the lever for change and progress. With our help they are realising their dream: that in 2018 the valley children will have access to quality education on equal terms.”



Ruben Alonsoruben 

“I heard through friends about a Foundation connected to the mountains. Now I collaborate with the improvement of the administrative work.”