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Voucher Campaign 2018

600 vouchers, 600 girls. School year 2018.

Due to the successful campaign last year, this year we are working on it as well!

Every year we run the voucher campaign which will be active until March 2018. The main goal is to give the chance to 600 girls to school in the different villages from Hushé Valley.

The total fee for one year is 50€, which is the price of each voucher and will give the opportunity to a girl from Baltistan to learn one more year.

There are many ways to collaborate with us:

  • Transferring your money to this bank account: ES05 2095 0000 70 9116423251 (Kutxabank)
  • Through our web site in "Donations" section.
  • From the 9 th to the 17 th of December we will be in the Mendi Film Festival giving information and selling vouchers.
  • Just with the intention of giving facilities to our donors, this year we are offering the opportunity to pay by PayPal accounts (view main page button). 
Note: The Baltistan Foundation has been recognized by the Basque Provincial Governments as an entity of social use, and therefore the tax exemption is 30%, and in the case of companies and the self-employed, up to 46%.  So, it is important to write your personal information on the bank transfer or when paying for the voucher.  We will send the corresponding certificate.