Local organizations

The collaboration with the Hushe Valley began in 2001 with the birth of Felix Iñurrategi-Baltistan Fundazioa, initially through the Machulo Green Mountain School and from 2002 with the recently created Felix Iñurrategi Foundation Baltistan Machulo (today Felix Foundation Baltistan). In 2018, the Hushe Valley Women's Association (HVWA) was created, an organization with which a collaboration protocol has been signed and with which we hope to work in the near future.

The local counterpart Felix Iñurrategi Foundation Baltistan Machulo (FIFBM) was born on 1st March 2002, one year after Felix Iñurrategi Baltistan Fundazioa, and took the place that until then had been occupied by the Machulo Green Mountain School, extending its radius of action to areas that were not strictly mountainous.
The founders

At the beginning there are four local entrepreneurs with close relationships with the Basque mountaineers: Shamshair Ali, Ibrahim Akhon, Rustam Ali and Ibrahim Rustam.

Over time, the local counterpart has changed; it has become more professional, and has deepened its democracy and efficiency, which are complementary principles on the road to excellence. For this reason, it has promoted the creation of various local committees, and in order to improve its management it has incorporated new professionals trained thanks to the economic aid offered by Baltistan Fundazioa.

The birth of the two foundations brought a thread of hope for the inhabitants of the Hushé Valley. At the beginning for the people of Machulo, the town with the largest population in the valley, to be opened in later years to other communities and covering new areas of work the entire valley as a geographical area.
Its values

It currently operates throughout the valley under the name of Felix Foundation Baltistan and covers areas such as education, gender, health, hygiene and others. Its values are: cooperation, respect, integrity, responsibility, patience and equality and equity.
Other collaborators

We have also collaborated with other entities. The last years with the Aga Khan University in Gilgit for the teacher training processes and more recently with the recently created Baltistan University in Skardu, or with the school for children with speech disabilities also in Skardu.