In 2001, the newly established Foundation focused its work on responding to the needs of our partners in the Hushe Valley.

Mountain and Infrastructures.

The beginnings of the cooperation in the Valley are centered in the most important locality of the same one, Machulo, and in subjects related to the mountain and a necessary water bringing that would make possible the irrigation to certain districts of the locality without access to the same one.

The construction of a building for a mountain school (currently Guest House Felix) and three courses of ice and rock climbing given by Basque mountaineers were the beginning of the collaboration between Green Mountain School Machulo and Felix Iñurrategi-Baltistan Fundazioa (Today Baltistan Fundazioa).

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Matxuluko ohiko ureztatze modu zaharrari laguntza

However, the first and most significant action was the support structure for the traditional irrigation system in Machulo. The traditional irrigation system in Machulo was based on a series of channels that derived from a torrent fed by a small glacier that disappeared at the end of the 20th century, probably as a result of climate change. The scarcity of water for irrigation that was much more necessary in the flood system used by the local community became a setback to be solved. It was proposed to pump water from the river that runs 200 meters below the local level. The project carried out by engineer José Ramón Madinabeitia was successfully inaugurated in July 2004. The simple system consists of two pumps and two tanks, one for water supply on the river bank and the second for storage for subsequent distribution of the water in the gardens in times when there is not enough flow in the torrent.

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Bringing clean water to homes in Saling

In Saling, a town at the entrance to the Hushe valley, 83 households in the northern zone lacked drinking water and families had to rely on the water from the irrigation ditch from the Hushé River with the resulting health problems.

A simple solution using PVC pipes that collect water from an upstream stream and connecting it to the domestic network created for this purpose solved the problems of lack of water and hygiene. Baltistan Fundazioa financed the material while the families contributed with labour and the commitment of the economic maintenance of the network.


Water is one of the most precious goods that nature provides us with. Without it, life is impossible and without clean water and sanitation, diseases multiply, decimating the child population and becoming the main cause of death. Also in Balleygone.

Landslides caused by large floods destroyed the water supply system in Balleygone. The reconstruction, financed by BF and carried out by the local population, consisted of two tanks connected by PVC pipes to the rudimentary supply network and was carried out in 2008.