Natural disasters

We know that the whole area is a zone of great seismic activity due to the collision of two tectonic plates so we can consider it as a geologically alive mountain range. To this we must add the great amount of enormous glaciers and rivers and streams that overflow with great rains destroying everything in their path.

One of the most dramatic circumstances that Baltistan Fundazioa had to face was the aid to the population and the coordination with the local authorities in all the tasks of rescue and reconstruction of the town of Talis that was devastated in 2011 by a torrent that crossed the town. A similar episode to the disaster they suffered in 2010 was repeated. Seven people were killed and 35 houses were destroyed. All had been built on land close to the riverbed.

Gorpuen bilaketan.jpg

Volunteers from the Foundation who were in Machulo, a town adjacent to Talis, took part directly in all the post-disaster operations, committing the Foundation to rebuilding the new ones in locations far from the riverbed of the torrent and designing the construction using anti-seismic techniques and with a quality of hygiene and insulation that could also serve as a model for new constructions. It was not easy because the economic effort exceeded the Foundation's annual budget. However, with the help of many people and institutions, we were able to meet the cost of construction materials, which was our commitment.

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We must remember that this is not the first time we have had to respond to circumstances of this caliber. The Foundation was recently founded and had to face a similar emergency, although on that occasion our aid was reduced to a small economic amount that at least allowed the purchase of the necessary food for the population to subsist in the coming winter.