Also in 2006 we did an analysis of the health infrastructure in the Valley. There was only one clinic in Machulo under the responsibility of a doctor who came twice a week. In general the patients were attended by two nurses and three midwives. The health reality of the inhabitants of the Valley is marked by the difficulty of access to a quality health system and by a lack of information and prevention methods related to hygiene.

One of the most important problems in the area was the high rate of maternal and infant mortality due to problems arising from childbirth or subsequent health care. There were no female doctors to assist women in this whole process and midwives were poorly trained. Added to this was the lack of clinical and health materials, as well as poor access to medication.

One of the roots of this situation is the lack of knowledge of basic hygiene and health practices on the part of the mothers, in addition to deficient nutrition.

It is also observed that many people suffer from diseases related to lack of hygiene and sanitation, such as skin, intestinal or respiratory diseases. Generally speaking, people are very careless about personal hygiene and their environment, accumulating waste water in the canals or along the streets they walk through, resulting in a hotbed of bacteria and viruses.

At present, BF has designed a health programme aimed at the prevention of the most prevalent diseases, as well as a plan for the quality training of local health personnel who attend to women and babies free of charge.

The lines of work that are being developed are
Training in hygiene and disease prevention.

Training workshop for teachers to improve their training and develop skills to implement these activities in the school.

Training given in the eight communities to the women in the Vocational Centers and other premises in everything related to health and hygiene in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum; care of the babies and feeding. In 2016, 414 women attended these courses.
Improvement of mother and child health.

Training of local health personnel with three scholarships to train three women as Lady Health Visitors with specific training in mother and child health and obstetrics.


Purchase of an ultrasound device for early detection of pregnant women for the Machulo health centre. The results have been spectacular thanks to the training given and the follow-up during the pregnancy. During the year following these actions, there were no significant incidents in the births that took place in the Valley.

We have also promoted other lines of action related to hygiene

Sunscreen application: a formula has been developed from local product to prevent skin diseases.
Administration of fruit in the school to relate the feeding with the prevention of diseases and to improve the avitaminosis of girls and boys.
Improvement of hygienic infrastructures in schools: The toilets and washrooms in all the schools in the valley that are part of the education programme have been refurbished.

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The importance given today to hygiene and health is such that every year schools in the Valley and communities celebrate International Health Day.