After the trip to the Hunza Valley, women gain new spaces.

Jan 11, 2018
After the trip to the Hunza Valley, 5 new economic projects have emerged in the Hushe Valley, drun exclusively by women.
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Three months ago we published the news that 25 women from the Hushe Valley had traveled to the nearby Hunza Valley to learn about local customs and practices. In the published news we made the following comment:

"The trip has been very positive even if it is only because a group of women from the valley have been able to leave it without the accompaniment of men from their families to make this long journey and contrast their customs and vision with more advanced ones. If,in addition, some of them succeed in the businesses that want to create, success will be complete. "

Three months later we can confirm that some of those who participated in the trip have ventured to create their own businesses. Focusing mainly on clothing and beauty products and handicrafts, they offer them on premises adapted to selling, and sometimes in their own homes. It is a beginning for some, a complementary income for families, and above all initiatives that show that the world of women is not constrained to space and work defined by the walls of their home.


In the beginning, some have obtained financing from Akhuwat Foundation and Felix Foundation Baltistan together with family contributions. Others have only had the family input, but all have demonstrated their capacity for work and courage to start a business, in a world that that has been up to now exclusively for men. Everything will be needed.


After the trip to Hunza there are 5 new businesses run by women to add to the few existing before them. Some have dared to undertake this alone, others in a group. In any case indicators show that things are changing in the valley with the incursion of women in a world until now reserved for men. We encourage everyone.