Alex Talis Txikon in Talis

Aug 24, 2011
Alex and his fellow climbers, having ascended both G1 and G2 and reached 8,000 m on K2, returned to the harsh reality of Talis, engulfed by mudslides. The mountaineer describes his impression of before and after: "There are no people left or anything! At the top are just two houses" He compared it to the devastating effect of a volcano; "as if a volcano had erupted and taken everything..."
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It had been 2 months since the last time Alex had been in the Valley, collaborating with the Felix Baltistan Hushe Fundazioa. The group of climbers, led by Shamshair Ali with other members of the Foundation, had visited local projects that were underway in the valley. One project was the reconstruction of Talis started last year.

The team could not keep their nerve on seeing the two camps housing the refugees affected by the disaster. "I was in tears, I had to wear sunglasses so that the kids would not see me mourn" Alex had even admitted. Alex Txikon this year donated the vehicle used by the group of climbers to travel to Pakistan from Euskadi to the local Foundation (Felix Baltistan Machule Iñurrategi Foundation). With his friendship with the porters who share the difficult road to eight thousand meters, Alex wanted to work with the Balti, helping them on their way to an endogenous development.

Alex came down to Talis on August 11, 2011. But already in the base camp at Concordia, Pakistanis who formed the team, cooks, porters, were telling him what had happened in Talis after it was found that the town had been replaced by two makeshift camps. " I saw shops and more shops, some half broken, crying children, blankets scattered on the floor and people lying there... really sad, very sad." He commented that none of the refugee camps of western Pakistan were in such a critical situation.


With Ibrahin Akhon, member and founder of the Foundation and Alex Chicon, Alex reflected on the solutions, and said that  "You cannot rebuild the town in the same place." He also agrees with the plan of funding a hydro-geological study and moving the homes to safe areas, as was performed last year with 35 homes. But his biggest concern is what will happen this winter with almost a thousand people homeless. Will they be under those tents? Who will see to finance of all this? Alex stressed that the local government may not give emergency relief and suspects it will be very difficult to get emergency funding from the United Nations. Alex knows the cold winters of northern Pakistan, those winters he has suffered in winter ascents, and once again offers his support to change the situation of these families. Once again comes the human side of mountaineering and mountaineers, "The brotherhood of mountain roads". We hope that between all of us we will be able to continue to collect funds to enable the Foundation's proposed reconstruction.

To support the FBF during this process, we have enabled the following bank accounts:

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       Kutxa: 2101_0038_51_0011074747

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