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Oct 07, 2010
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The Felix  Baltistan Basque Foundation is raising funds to help ease the serious consequences of the disaster in the town of Talis, in Baltistan. The relationship between the Basques and the Baltis is long. Since 1985, many Basque mountaineers have been travelling to this remote place, and between them, in 2001, established the Foundation to fight the inequality and injustice suffered by the Baltis, to defend human rights and to improve their quality of life.

 The Work of Felix Baltistan Foundation

So far, the Felix Baltistan Foundation has focused its assistance on the town of Talis, as one of the two most affected villages in the region. Talis is located just 2 km from Machulu, which is the heart of the Foundation in the region of the Hushe Valley. However, the Foundation is rigorously analyzing the needs of other villages and people in the valley and accordingly, assistance will spread in an orderly way in the coming months.

The first aid was given within hours of the disaster: Several local members of the Foundation, FIFBM (Felix Baltistan Machulo Iñurrategi Foundation) moved to Talis to provide hot meals to the families that had been left homeless and without livelihoods.

We took a census of every house in the village, and from this we were able to distribution of flour, rice and oil personally to those in need. In coordination with local authorities and the Red Cross, we arranged a number of tents to be given to the affected families.

The exact purchase by FIFBM-FBF was; Flour 1040kg, rice 1040kg, a weighing scale to weigh the provisions and plastic bags to distribute the food.

With the information gathered from the census, we applied the following formula to classify the affected families: Weights in kilograms.

Category A: 92 lost everything - 5 rice + 5 flour

Category B: 233 lost everything, but have support of family - 2.4 rice + 2.4 flour

Category C: These are self supporting.  Do not need food support.

After this initial response, FBF started working on a relief and reconstruction plan for the medium and long term, particularly with an eye on the imminent cold winter and for those having lost more than half of their necessary support.

The objective of this project is to contribute to the welfare of the community and the restoration of livelihoods of women, men and children displaced by floods and heavy rains in Talis.

The project has the following general areas:

1 - The recovery of agricultural land, in order to be able to start farming at the beginning of spring.

2 - Food aid for families who have lost their crops.

3 - The reconstruction of houses to prevent deaths from cold.

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To send Talis help enter these bank accounts  of Emergency putting Talis.

BKK 2095 0038 51 9103522251
Kutxa 2101 0038 51 0011074747

Labour 3035 0044 85 0440018830