Winter school in the Hushe valley

Feb 14, 2013
The schools in Baltistan close for three months during winter. In Europe we have vacation in summer, however, there they take vacation in winter. The students stay home and fall behind in their studies because the majority of their parents are illiterate.
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The towns are located at altitudes of around 3,000 meters and the winters are very cold.Hiring teachers and buying wood for the stoves in the schools (public or private) are activities that we are promoting so that the children of the valley have the same chances at education as those in other regions. The cost is important, but nowadays we have 635 students registered in the winter schools. 47% are girls. We want to highlight this information because it is our objective to guarantee equal opportunity to both boys and girls. Through this link you will find the report-including various photos- sent by Basharat Ali.

  Aims and Objectives of the Winter Tuiton Program