Evaluation of the Other Views series.

Feb 05, 2016
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One of the aims of this series of conferences has been to project a positive image of Islam in order to counteract the negative news we are constantly receiving. We are happy with the nearly 250 people who have attended the talks and for the interest that has been shown in the media, which have, at the same time, been key in repeating the fundamental ideas of the series.  Undoubtedly Mikel Alonso’s exhibition has helped to make the series successful, and the series as well as the exhibition have collaborated in obtaining student grants for the girls in the Hushe Valley.  A reflection of this is the more than 4,000 visits to the exhibition, and the 350 vouchers sold in the last weeks.

Wanting to popularize the work done a bit more, we have got in touch with different organizations in the capital cities of the Basque Country and Spain so that their inhabitants can visit Mikel Alonso’s exhibition and see the work we are doing at the Baltistan Foundation.

Here you can read a more detailed evaluation.