Felix Baltistan Foundation is in movement

Jun 22, 2012
In Felix Baltistan Foundation we are living a moment of changes that is necessary for the future of the Foundation. As Albert Einstein mentioned: "We cannot hope that things will change if we keep doing the same. The crisis is the greatest blessing that can happen to people and countries because crisis brings progress. There is no crisis without challenges and without challenges the life becomes a routine”. We can remember that the word crisis in the original language (Greek) means change and opportunity, therefore, thinking in positive way, if we carry on working hard and motivated we are sure that we will be able to go forward with the big project of FBF.
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Nowadays, we are living in a very difficult economical situation, due to this fact it has been necessary to create a new Patronage of transition based on the voluntary and professional work to go on with the international aid to achieve the goals and provide human rights to the people that is inhabited in the Karakorum Mountains, in the sides of the K2. Beside this, the name of the Foundation has been changed and from now on it will be called Baltistan Foundation (BF), the same foundation that will have the same objectives and mission of solidarity, respect and cooperation that FBF had. In the same way, we will maintain the same strategic plan and values: we will be the support in order to achieve the integral development by the balti community.

Our intention is to work with transparency and equity since the beginning and carry on with the present projects that we have started more that 11 years ago, working directly togetherwith the society of Hushe Valley. Nevertheless, due to the new economic situation, we are not able to continue working in the same way than months ago, and we are obligated to change the implementation process in order to obtain the best results for the improvement of the lives of the community from Huhse valley.

In this critical moment which we are involved, it is very necessary the collaboration from all women and men. We have already implemented some improvement measures to be able to manage the projects more effectively. Among the measures decided by the new Patronage are as follows: on the one hand, we have started reducing the general expenses in North, thereby, from 4 employed persons that FBF had, nowadays 3 are unemployed; but they will carry on working in FBF as volunteers; on the other hand we are working to bring to the foundation new sources of incomes.

Apart from this, we want to invite you to collaborate and help us as much as you can, as in the economical way (through private donations in order to solve this current economical problem), as a volunteer to help with the management of the projects, the management of the website, with the conferences about the foundation, etc. Whatever idea is more than welcome and we will take into account for the good future of the Foundation. Thereby, we want to encourage you to keep in touch with us to bring us new ideas and contributions.

We would like to take this opportunity for thanking you for all the efforts that you have made during these past years, and we would like to thanks too, to all people that are taking part in BF in these hard and challenging moments, that are being longer than we hoped. We would like to send our best considerations and motivation to the people that are working hard in Baltistan in order to make this dream real.

We hope that in the following months, we can see the fruits that nowadays we are sowing. We will keep you informed every time and do not hesitate to communicate with us when you need.

MIla esker denoi!
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