FIFBM and FBF In Action Again in Talis

Aug 06, 2011
The reconstruction process FIFM and FBF were carrying out from 07 August 2011 has been put on hold and the efforts of both institutions are being channelled into collaboration with the local government to address the needs of the 129 affected families.
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Bilbao, 06 August 2011. FIFBM (Felix Iñurrategi Foundation Baltistan Machulo) was the first organization to reach Talis on Saturday 30 July, just after the arrival of the first mudslides.

 Led by Rustam Ibrahim (Creator of the southern foundation) and Basharat Ali (Director of southern education) the Machulo community flocked to Talis at around 6 PM, an hour after the start of catastrophe.

"Women, children and elders were crying in the streets after they had been dragged back to their homes," said Basharat Ali, describing the situation. He tried to approach the river to see it with his own eyes and, with the small camera he carried with him, filmed the magnitude of the avalanches, "I saw the avalanche moving toward us and the volume was like a mountain ...."

At this time the chief political officer of the Khaplu area, the Deputy Commissioner, arrived. He instructed the village school to be opened to make a camp for the affected people. From FIFBM an electric generator was installed at the site, as the electricity supply had been cut by rivers of mud.

Deputy Commissioner en Talis

The Deputy Commissioner arriving at Talis.

FIFBM members continued working in Talis until 3 AM. After a two hour break, they returned at 5 AM to continue the relief efforts. At 6 AM they managed to cross the river and reach the north shore. They found elderly people and children sleeping under trees in the open after fleeing from their homes.

Shamshair Ali Coordina Talis

Shamshir Ali, Coordinator FIFBM organizing community meetings.


A meeting was held with the affected people and it was decided to allocate each family 5 kg of rice, 2 kg of sugar, 1kg of milk, a packet of Lipton tea, 5 kg of oil and two blankets. In order to facilitate the aid, a census was conducted by Basharat Ali.

Basharat Ali y censo 

Basharat Ali coordinates the drafting of the first census of the affected.

During the day they handed out the blankets which had been stored by FBF and DYA at the FIFBM headquarters in Machulo in case of an emergency.

Madre de familia recoge los materiales repartidos por FIFBM

A family mother receives materials from FIFBM.

In parallel, they began building the camps for those affected, one up the valley and another in the valley below. The government provided tents and emergency food for the first few days.

Campamento Balegone

FIFBM and local government officials erecting the Balegon camp.


The second camp was built at Balegon, near the bridge. The same day, 31 July, they began to install the two stores of medical supplies, led by experts from the hospital in Khaplu. FIFBM also gave the doctors all the emergency medical supplies that the DYA organization had provided.

Tienda médica

Completing assembly of the medical tents in Talis.


At the same time workers of FIFBM and other volunteers from Machulo were trying to recover materials that were buried under the mud.


Recuperan animales muertos


Two children recover a dead sheep and carry it to the makeshift camp to eat.

Another of the needs met by the organization was drinking water. The water pipe that supplied Talis was destroyed by the flood so FIFBM jeeps brought a constant supply of drinking water from Machulo.

 Bidones de agua en jeeps de FIFBM

Water containers arrive at the makeshift camp.


On 01 August, after purchasing all the food in the local Khaplu market, FIFBM made a food distribution to the affected families.

 Jeeps de la funadación con alimentos

Foundation jeeps arrive full of food.

Tabla alimentos distribuidos por FIFBM

Table of food supplied by the Foundation.

On 02 August, there was a general meeting of FIFBM with the people, to agree on a census of all the losses. At the meeting the Masherbrum Government was also present, the legal branch of the local government.

Gobierno de Masherbrum

Masherbrum Government representative in the beige vest.

At present, attempts are being made to complete the census of the victims and to conduct joint planning with the local government for alternatives to ensure the long-term safety of homes in the Talis community.


In parallel, other NGOs are also performing tasks vital to the survival of the inhabitants of Talis, such as installing new pipes from the springs to the affected fields.

Tuberias agua pvc

Jeep filled with PVC pipes for a temporary water supply.

The Foundation will continue the process of supplying the basic needs of the people of Talis. And, as last year, try to view the catastrophe as an opportunity for empowering the link between local government and the community. As always with a single goal, endogenous development and integration of the Hushe Valley residents is formost.

Campamento zona Machulu con agua

Second camp to the south, on the bank of the river near the town of Machulo, with potable water installed.

To support FBF during the relief efforts, the following bank accounts have been set up:   

           BBK: 2095_0000_70_9109159513

           Caja Laboral: 3035_0150_01_1500030669

           Kutxa: 2101_0038_51_0011074747

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