Happy anniversary

May 10, 2021
Twenty years ago today, 10 May, ten friends got together to sign the deed of incorporation of Felix Iñurrategi-Baltistan Fundazioa, thus starting an expedition that has lasted over time thanks to the replacements that have been made by other groups of women and men from the Basque Country. It is an important date, which deserves to be celebrated, even though the special circumstances we are living through  force us to do nothing more than remember it.
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For this reason, we would like to pay special tribute to all the people who, in some way, have marked the future of the Foundation and have participated with their time and effort in the transformation and development of the Hushé Valley, the ultimate aim of the organisation.

We would like to remember the founders who, with their initiative, put this project on the map of international cooperation.

We would like to thank the workers who have sustained the Foundation over the years for their daily efforts and dedication. Many thanks  to all of them.

We must affectionately remember those who more than 20 years ago took parallel initiatives in the Valley, in memory of Felix Iñurrategi, whose memory inspired this movement: Shamshair Ali, Rustam Ali, Ibrahim Rustam and Ibrahim Akhon.

Our encouragement to all the women in the Valley who have been joining the movements generated around the foundation: Fatima, Kaniz, Saima, and so many others, and to those who have been co-responsible in this area throughout all these years.

Many thanks to all the patrons who have freely assumed the responsibility inherent to the position, and finally, to all the members and volunteers, without exception, who have helped to consolidate this project and to strengthen its objectives.

Happiness  and congratulations to all those who have been part of this long expedition and our commitment to continue working as long as our contribution is useful to all the men and women of the Hushé Valley.

Pedro Ibarra, president of Baltistan Fundazioa.