Incidence of the Covid-19.

Apr 04, 2020
This is the current situation of COVID-19 in Gilgit Baltistan according to local sources.
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Skardu, Shigar, Ghanche and Kharmang are the districts of Baltistan.

In Baltistan there 80 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Fortunately, NO death cases. Reports also say that two cases are successfully being recovered.

Government has announced partial lockdown in whole Pakistan till 31st of May, 2020. The banks, hospitals, food stores, fruit and vegetable shops, post office are open. People are allowed to go out for necessary work.

The Pakistan Army has taken control of the country to have good control over the situation. There are police and military at every point to facilitate the public and to stop the unnecessary wandering people.

However, The economy is being affected alot. As In Baltistan the majority of people are daily wagers therefore they are suffering by the situation of partial lockdown. Moreover, it is really difficult to get works done in a normal way.

Though government is taking enough precautions thinking in the people who live below poverty line. There are two projects announced by the government.

1: Ehsaas Program

In this program government is giving 12000 Pakistani Rupees (70€) to the needy families.

2: Ration Program

In this program, government is giving free food to the needy people.

3: Tiger Force

In this program government is making a big teams of volunteers in every city and train them to control the situation of COVID-19 and help people.

The youth of Baltistan is also being sensitive towards the situation. They are taking care of the people around them who are poor and have nothing to eat. The youth is collecting donations from others to help those people.