It won't be long now.

Feb 12, 2020
There are a couple of months left to the start of the course in the Hushé Valley and the first thing we want to do is thank you for your support for another year.
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2020 Bond Campaign

Thanks to you and many friends of the foundation, we have already reached the figure of 25,415 euros. Although it seems a lot, it is not enough to cover all the educational needs of this course. In addition, this year the climate is extreme, even the rivers have frozen, so we do not know the impact this will have on the communities and whether we will need extra resources.

If you don't have your bonus yet, cheer up! And if you know of any absent-minded people who want to help but haven't done so yet, tell them that they can participate and help us prepare for the next school year!

Very soon we will tell you how the course starts thanks to your collaboration. Thank you!

To collaborate: Kutxa Bank ES75 2095 0000 7091 1840 0112 or at

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