Learning how to repair sewing machines in the Hushe Valley.

Sep 25, 2018
Four women from the Hushe Valley have been attending a course on sewing machine repairing.The course has been given by a man with the necessary knowledge.today, thanks to the learning process, these four women are capable of dealing with the problems that may come up during this activity.
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Many years ago they began giving sewing classes at the Vocational Center in the Hushe Valley as requested by the women. Some of the women began selling the products they made, and consequently problems arose regarding the maintenance and upkeep of the machines, not only for the ones selling their products but also for those who did the sewing for their own use.
Before long, a proposal was made to organise a course in order to acquire the necessary knowledge to repair and maintain the machines.
Four candidates were selected from Machulu and Saling between the ages of 16 and 40. All of the women are qualified to offer this maintenance and repairing service to the rest of the users thanks to the effort of the Felix Foundation Baltistan in collaboration with the Baltistan Foundation, which provided the necessary means so that these women could access this knowledge reserved up to now exclusively for the men.
Our evaluation is very positive because 4 women of the Valley are now capable of carrying out work once reserved only for the men, as well as reinforcing the sustainability of the Vocational Training Centres by bringing a service to them.