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Feb 08, 2012
Monica Ariño and Mark Caines Support the Improvement of Education in Khaney

On August 26, 2011 a very happy Basharat Ali wrote to tell us about a Spanish/English couple who had been trekking in the Hushe Valley and had contacted the people of Khaney.  Their hope was that they might be able to visit one or two schools in the valley as their work and interests cover education and associated fields.  Monica and Mark decided to visit the Foundation in Machulo and after the visit, they expressed an interest in doing something which could improve the education in the school in Khaney.

Today, Monica informed us that they will transfer €2,000 to directly pay for the costs of a well qualified teacher and the necessary training for 3 years at the school.

They live in England, but their example could be repeated elsewhere in the world.

Despite being in the midst of a Western "crisis" with governments cutting back on their aid, starting with development cooperation, examples like that of Monica and Mark give us hope that our projects will be able to continue.

We need more people like them and fortunately they are not alone; we also have Clare in the UK, Ester in Guadalajara, Gerlinde and Ralf in Austria, and many, many others who are, all of you, supporting the campaign for the education of children in the Hushe Valley.

What a wonderful example!