Munawar english public school

Nov 25, 2011
Campaign for the schooling of 350 children in the Hushé Valley. Munawar School is one of the cornerstones on which Felix Baltistan Fundazioa (FBF) is basing the upgrading of the educational system in the Hushé Valley (Baltistan, Pakistan).
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Schools in the valley as a whole presented the following figures in 2006:
•    48 per cent schooling of pupils between 3 and 15 years.
•    Of these, only 30 per cent of the enrolment are girls.
•    Poor state of classrooms and buildings.
•    Lack of toilets.
•    Poor level of school equipment.
•    Low level of facilities and scarcity of supply.
•    Lack of recycling plans for teachers.
•    Low level of awareness amongst the families on the importance of school attendance, especially for girls.
Since 2006 we have been helping through concrete actions, such as:
-          Subsidizing the payment of registration fees for girls to increase the rate of school enrolment (now 50% in the Munawar School).
-          Payment of teachers’ salaries.
-          Scholarships for higher education.
-          Etc. 


Bit by bit it is starting to pay off and we are seeing results.
FBF has designed a 10 year education plan for the whole of the valley which aims to radically change the current situation. The key elements of this plan are:
1.    Implementation of a new pedagogical model in the Munawar School with support from UK-PDCN, one of the most prestigious Pakistan educational institutions. This model is gradually spreading to the rest of the schools in the valley.
2.    A plan for teacher training.
3.    Creation of a Faculty Center in Machulo.
4.    Financing the cost of enrolment for girls to increase their participation.
5.    A programme of scholarships for higher education for young people from all the valley. These will become the future teachers.
6.    School transport to Khapulu from different villages, daily, for schooling in the secondary school.
7.    Remedial classed during the winter holidays to improve levels of English, mathematics and science.
8.    Signing of agreements with the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan and Ghanché to ensure the sustainability of this plan in future.
Everything pivots on the Munawar School with its director, Basharat Ali. The facilities at the Munawar School were renovated in the last 4 years by the counterpart FIFBM (Félix Iñurrategi Foundation Baltistan Machulo) and the local community, including the parents.

FBF has decided to organize a bonds campaign costing € 50 each (see the end of this document) for its financing. Today there are nearly 300 children (140 girls and 144 boys) in education and, with your input, the next course could be around 350.

€ 50 is exactly what it costs to educate a girl or a boy for one school year. This includes the salaries of teachers and the teaching materials, equipment, transport, rental, operating expenses of the school, activities with the fathers and mothers, and the management and economic control of the project.


FBF area of education, undertakes:
1.    Before the start of the course (March 2012) to report in detail on the schooling. Report from the director on your contribution.
2.    To provide a report by the teacher of each class on the relationship between students and their progress in the first half year.
3.    To provide a report at the end of the course with pictures or video, together with the financial accounts.
4.    Send a receipt of the amount of the donation made for the purpose of tax relief.
Buy a voucher
. You can purchase a voucher (€50) in several ways:
•    Send the money to bank account 3035 0150 01 1500030050 with your full name, address, phone and e-mail (important). Needed to send information about the campaign and the certificate for tax relief.
•    By sending an e-mail to and we will contact you.
•    During office hours by calling 944028915