Photography exhibition 2014

In the Baltistan Foundation we also work in the North, attempting to bring the realities of Baltistan and Pakistan closer to our society.

We believe that it is necessary to better the slanted and biased view that the media offers on this country and its people. And we want to vindicate and show the situation of the people of Baltistan, a culture and a community that has been forgotten not only by the central government of Pakistan, but also by the international community.

In order to do that, we once again refer to the critical eye of Ibon Azpilikueta, who shows through his photography the life and will to progress personally and with the community, of the women of the Hushe Valley.

The exhibition of his photography 'Women of the Hushe Valley' is part of two important events related to mountaineering: Mountaineering Week in Getxo (November) and the Bilbao Mountaineering Film Festival (December). Thanks to the sensitivity of the promoters of both events, we have been able to include said exhibition within the framework of the activities of the programs.

It is possible to see the complete Exhibition from 10 December to 6 January in Sala Rekalde in Bilbao.