Number 250 of Pyrenaica

Mar 23, 2013
The first issue of Pyrenaica of 2013 includes a two-page article on the Baltistan Foundation as well as a page of publicity.
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First of all, we would like to thank the Basque Mountaineering Federation for the opportunity that they have given us to explain our projects and the current situation of the Foundation.And, by the way, congratulations on issue 250. As we insinuated in the article we have gone through some very delicate moments, up to the brink of ruin, overall because of the crisis. The decisions taken during the last year have given us some breathing space and the necessary enthusiasm to carry on. We have reduced costs to the minimum, but we want to continue directing the solidarity of Basque mountaineering towards the far-away valleys of the Karakorum range.


We are not asking for help for our own structure but for the children of the Hushe valley so that they have the right to an education that will make them free. On these links integralaren-2012ko-txostena y/o you will find information on the educational project for which a great deal of economic help is necessary in order to keep the project going. In the advertisement found in Pyrenaica you can read how to make the deposits of the amounts which you choose. If you find it easier, you can go through this website clicking on collaborate and donations. Many thanks for everything and especially for the attention that you have given us.