Pakistan Floods, Journal of Ortzi Akizu

Sep 23, 2010
Extract from a communication from Ortzi, August 18 2010: Today we have Internet ... You realize that there is a world of truth behind the mountains. We were able to review some of the emails with one ... until you realize that we are weaker than we think.
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Some mails talk about money. I really hate to have to think about it, euros, rupees, Pakistani partners ... but I set foot on the floor, and Rustam Ali said in infected Spanglish, ‘Ortzi, maybe you do not like jinab, pero We need the money, how are you thinking that you are working here? ‘. Well, you're right ... finally, after all, everything has its price. And one more disaster. In the end we are what we are, Westerners, and we put a price on everything.



It is interesting to see how the local people see the minimum support given by the local government as a gift, rather than seeing it as a government obligation and the right of citizens. But it is also curious to see, the philosophy with which deaths are taken with the thought that Allah willed it so. We enjoy everything that we have and now we pay.


We can speak of love or we can speak of justice. In this case I prefer to include the right to life that the local people of Pakistan have.

Tomorrow we will coordinate an aid delivery. Tomorrow the Sarabastall members will arrive – they are an NGO working a couple of hours up the valley. This time it is inevitable that we coordinate our work. It will be a pleasure for both NGOs to work together.


At 17:00 the stomach growls ... almost 12 hours without food and water. One asks oneself if one is respecting their culture or just storing up problems for later. It is amazing to see how the body shuts down slowly during the day, while the mind remains active. It's the feeling of observing the situation from further away, to avoid false movements, and think where you are going in every step.



It is strange how insensitive or hard (strong word I do not think is appropriate) one off events of this magnitude can be and yet it is possible to quietly keep working. But then suddenly, when without thinking out of a corner ... we had an advantage in the mountains to mourn them. Ironies of life.


A knock on the door; a group of volunteers from Skardu arrives with food purchased through collective money ... a smile to end the day. We get down to work.