Project K-2 is going ahead.

Feb 21, 2020
The K-2 project is an ambitious program that seeks to encourage entrepreneurship and social mobilization in the Hushé Valley. This one mentioned here is one of the branches of the project.
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The girl from Skardu Shazia Maryam and Oihane Aizpurua from Oñatiare working hard on creating an entrepreneurship support platform based on the MTA methodology.

They have presented the project in universities and innovation centres, and the University of Baltistan has offered them facilities and other resources, as well as financial support. They have also attended the LUMS University, the most prestigious university in Pakistan, and have been invited to the Entrepreunerial Summit to be organized by the Innovation Centre in March.

At this point they will be in the Hushé Valley presenting the project in the eight locations that make up the valley.

We can therefore say that things are going very well with this project being promoted jointly by Mondragon Unibertsitatea and Baltistan Fundazioa.