Samina Baig´s confered in the Recalde Room.

Dec 10, 2015
Samina Baig gave a wonderful conference in the Rekalde Room accompanied by a power point presentation.
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Yesterday the conference given by Samina Baig took place in the Rekalde Room in Bilbao. A large group gathered to hear about her experiences as the first Pakastani woman to climb Everest. This was the common thread of the conference: her living experience.

If you have the opportunity to hear Samina, don't expect fascinating presentations, fantastic photography nor the style of a prima donna. Samina will offer her living experience. A story of empowerment and self-improvement. The story of a young woman determined to show that being a woman does not imply a weakening of rights or capabilities.

Samina was born 25 years ago in the Shimshall Valley (Hunza, Pakistan), not far from the border with China. In the Valley, the first road was built in 2003, and nowadays people are not assured the supply of electricity nor drinkable water. But they were never without schooling. Samina was able to go to school from the time she was a child, not like in other areas of Pakistan, and she always had her family's support. Her brother, Mirza Ali, is partly responsible for this story.

Mirza started at a young age as a porter in foreign expeditions. Whenever he returned home, he always told his sister that one day he would take her with him up the mountain. A mountain of a little over 4,000 meters was the first success.

Step by step, stage by stage, Samina managed to reach the top of Everest. Next came the seven peaks of the seven continents. But the motivation for Samina has been to show that women are capable of any achievement provided that they are given the opportunity. And she has achieved that.

Along with her brother, her inseparable companion who knew when to give up on reaching the summit of Everest in the best interest of Samina and the success of the expedition for gender equality. Always helping, and in the shadows as we were able to see yesterday.