Sarai Martin, Gender Equity Manager

Mar 08, 2011
We celebrate the International Women Day wellcoming Sarai, the new Gender Equity Manager
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Due to the occasion of March 8, International Women's Day, Felix Baltistan Foundation wants to be grateful to all women and men of the organization for its commitment to the empowerment of women in the Valley of Hushe. The women from the valley and other international women, suffer multiple discrimination in the social, cultural, political and economic area;  especially the lives of the women from the valley due to the fact it is a hard life full of obstacles in order to make progress in their autonomy and personal growth.

The Foundation, in this 10-year history has developed several initiatives to improve in different areas as education, agriculture, capacity building and organizational development, health, infrastructure, tourism and/or gender. Maybe, nowadays we are in the right moment to emphasize and promote activities for women, due to the fact they are a fundamental part of the development in order to achieve the equality on human rights, conditions and opportunities for both women and men of the valley.

Currently, women bear a workload through the care of families and in the work camp, which causes them not having time to access to formal education or to be part of the public and community life. Even the girls, at very early ages are married within the families causing them to leave the school and to develop the role of women and mothers.

Therefore, we do not want to forget the huge efforts developed by the Hush Valley women and we would like to advocate for the beginning of this process to achieve a real and effective improvements of their living conditions, with the objective of promoting gender equality for both women and all the community.