Shamshair Ali: "Thank you very much!"

Jan 26, 2012
I Shamshair Ali the general coordinator of the Felix Iñurrategi Foundation Baltistan Machulo. As a representative of Hushe Valley (Machulo ) I would like to thank the people who are directly or indirectly working to uplift the socio economic conditions of the Valley.
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I would like to share a small story of my personal life and experiences;  my parents were illiterate and they send to me to the school having the hope that I would be an officer in Government sector or that I could obtain  a good job as well serve them in future and have a brilliant future for me. I passed Bachelor degree in 1993 from Skardu College (the distance is 120 Km from my home) without any transport and other facility.  At that time, I was the second or third Bachelor of the Valley.  But the quality of education was very poor. I have tried to get a governmental job for seven years but I could not obtain it, therefore the ambition of my parents and my hope of brilliant future was felling down. I felt very sad due to the poor education quality and I promise myself that the quality education would change in the future of the family. There are many other examples in the valley like this one.  

After that I started working as a tourist Guide with Banoa  and I started having  friendship with famous climbers from Basque Country. At that time there was a big problem in our village, that is why our friends supported us with a better irrigation water and with the climbing School. Then, we requested them to help in education and  their supported us, always we have tried to use in the right way having the vision of educated Hushe Valley , now there are many master degree holders and many bachelor degree holders in very few years sue to the support in the grants and fees.
Women were deprived from the education, but with the payment of fee by FBF there are many bachelor degree women holders and Master degree holders. The enrollment of girls in the school is also increasing. Thus, there are issues and the result of the investment .Beside all of this, we are working in rehabilitation, agriculture, tourism, and infrastructure in the Valley, and these projects also are helping to the poor people.
Therefore, I would like to assure that we will use your money in the right way and for the needs of everyone; your support will give a brilliant future to a poor family. Thus, I would like to request all national and international donors to joint this world wide campaign.

Shamshair Ali,
Coordinator of Felix Inurrategi Foundation Baltistan  Machulo