Suspension of activities in Hushé Valley.

Mar 26, 2020
The Covid-19 has spread all over the planet and has also reached Baltistan. The start of the school year has been suspended in the Hushé Valley and the projects we were promoting have been temporarily postponed.
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Shazia working with young people

The K-2 project that seeks to promote entrepreneurship among young people and social mobilization has been suspended when it was running at a good pace. In fact, the selection of young people to participate in the entrepreneurship course under the direction of Shazia was almost completed and interview activities aimed at the progressive construction of a social innovation platform under the direction of Basharat Ali were being carried out at a good pace.

Here, we have closed the hiring of an expatriate who will be responsible for monitoring and coordinating the lines of the global project, but who will not be able to move for the time being, nor will Shazia's assistant in the entrepreneurship project.

We hope that the uncertainty and doubts that the current situation generates will soon be cleared up so that we can continue with our cooperation projects.