Temporary closure of voucher campaign

Apr 07, 2016
With the recent beginning of the 2016 school year in the Hushe Valley, it is time to evaluate the voucher campaign.
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The voucher campaign for the schooling of girls in the Hushe Valley has been temporarily closed with a total of 27,200€ collected, which is the equivalent of 544 grants, very close to our target of 600.

We would like to thank all the people who bought vouchers, firstly for the trust you show yearly in the Baltistan Foundation, but especially because thanks to your generosity, the 2016 school year has begun in the eight schools that are part of the project promoted by the Felix Foundation Baltistan and co-financed by the Foundation.

We hope that more donations arrive before the final closure and we can get closer to the campaign target, which is none other than covering the expenses for the schooling of 600 girls.

We have asked for informationabout the beginning of the school year, the number of enrollments, the distribution according to gender, but we are having difficulties receiving this information due to the damage caused to the accesses to the valley by torrential rains.

As soon as we receive the information, we will publish it on the web along with the final data.