THE 2015 gift voucher campaign is underway.

Jan 18, 2015
The gift voucher campaign for the schooling of girls in the Hushe Valley is underway and going well.
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The gift voucher campaign for the schooling of girls in the Hushe Valley is underway and going well. It is known how difficult and terribly dangerous it is to go to school in parts of Pakistan. And more so if you are a girl. Despite the difficulties and dangers, at the Baltistan Foundation and at our local counterpart we believe that education is an essential right of each person and we continue working so that all girls and boys in the Hushe Valley can get a quality education and with equal conditions.

Our objective of 350 grants for the 2014 schoo

l year was overwhelmingly accomplished thanks to the solidarity of the mountaineering world and from citizens, but our forecasts were surpassed because new schools and villages decided to join the project. So, the number of girls at school increased to 489, far above our inicial forecasts.

OBJECTIVE 2015 This spectacular increase is yet another challenge on the way to the development and empowerment of the women and men in the Hushe Valley. That's why our objective for this year goes up to 520 girls, difficult but not impossible with the support of our members and citizens aware of this topic. Currently, 2 months away from the beginning of the school year, the contributions received so far are over 10,000 euros, a considerable amount but far from our objectives. We invite you to make a contribution of 50 euros, which will pay for the schooling of one girl for one year. Think about what that means to you and what it will mean for this future woman who will attend throughout 2015 and years to come. You can give as many vouchers to as many girls that you would like to help with schooling depositing the money in the following bank accounts:

KUTXABANK. ES40 2095 0000 71 9103522251

LA CAIXA. ES39 2100 3885 12 0200088018

If you would like to receive a receipt for the reduction of taxes, send us an e-mail with your information (name and surnames, address, ID and e-mail) to and indicate in the bank transfer your name and surnames, so that we can check them.