The Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan visits Masharbrum and Hushé Valley

Mar 23, 2021
The visit of the Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan, Khalid Kursheed to Masharbrum (the geographical reality that includes the Hushé Valley and other valleys north of the Shyok River) was a great opportunity to bring the concerns and needs of the inhabitants of this part of Baltistan to the highest levels of administration and politics.
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The Chief-Minister met in Saling (Hushé Valley) with local inhabitants and institutional representatives and listened attentively to the just demands presented by Basharat Ali, including sensitive areas such as education, health, agriculture, tourism and entrepreneurship. Basharat also presented the participatory citizens' platform (SIP) which, sponsored and financed by Baltistan Fundazioa, is successfully operating in the Hushé Valley.

In the short PDF we have received from the Valley you can access more detailed information about the visit, demands and impressions of the participants in the meeting.