The Hushe Valley residents reduce their geographical isolation thanks to the vehicle donated by Alex Txikon

May 23, 2011
The Felix Baltistan Foundation wants to show their appreciation to the mountaineer Alex Txikon for his donation of a car to the Foundation. Alex and his group will use the car during their expedition in summer 2011. The details of the expedition have been presented today at a press conference organized by Umpro, the company sponsoring the expedition.
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Thanks to this donated vehicle, the inhabitants of the Hushe Valley in Pakistan will be able to reduce the geographic isolation that they suffer: firstly it will facilitate the movement of children to and from the schools, and secondly it will help alleviate the lack of emergency transport which can result in avoidable tragedies. In fact, it is important to note that in 2010 two women in labour, died while on the way to hospital. In emergencies like these, transportation is by taxi which presents a great financial burden to the families.

At this point it is important to explain the geographical and climatic conditions of Baltistan make travel between towns really tough.

The Hushe Valley is a scene of fragile small houses and dirt roads, where the inhabitants grow grain and vegetables for food. The roads, which are of earth and stone, have been constructed along the winding slopes of the rocky mountains.

To cover the ten kilometres which join the people of Machulo to the closest hospital in Khalplu takes a whole hour by car. And if we consider that in all of Machulo (3000 inhabitants) there are only two cars, one can easily imagine the disastrous consequences that can occur from the lack of emergency transport in the region.

About The Felix Baltistan Foundation

The Basque NGO, The Felix Baltistan Foundation, along with Felix Baltistan Machulo Iñurrategi Foundation (FIFBM), has spent ten years working in international development cooperation in the Hushe Valley, an isolated mountain region in Baltistan, northern Pakistan. The Foundation’s work includes promoting human development with the participation of the members of the local communities of the Hushe Valley.

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The people of the Foundation share a passion and respect for nature, especially that of mountain areas such as in Baltistan. Baltistan is in the Karakoram Mountains; a magical place which hosts the largest number of mountains over 6,000 meters in the world and where four of the 8000m peaks are to be found: K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II.