The new catastrophe in Talis of a further 129 households is dangerously weakening life and the community

Aug 03, 2011
Shamshair Ali, the local coordinator of FIFBM, confirms the loss of life. Father of three children, A son of H is lying under the rubble of the 29 houses, covered by mud. The community has been left more vulnerable than ever; two days ago a sick child died as a result of the disaster, in this climate of confusion, displacement, lack of hygiene and two other women are, "seriously ill", quoted the coordinator.
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Bilbao, 03 August 2011. FIFBM is slowly building up a picture of the devastation from all the material collected in the disaster area. Along with the first news of the death, come videos of the avalanche which engulfed the village of Talis.

Due to the approximately six hours of constant avalanches, members of FIFBM could take the small video camera belonging to the Foundation and record this latest avalanche. The videos are on this web page or a platform:

FIFBM reported that it was not possible to arrive in time to record the large avalanches, which gave the impression of a moving mountain and they could only record the "smaller" avalanches. However, they were able to produce a picture of the magnitude of the disaster.

 El pueblo de Talis desde el monte de en frente

No one knows what could have caused the actual phenomenon which has occurred in the village for the last consecutive two years. ‘A phenomenon has been repeated which has never before been produced,’ say the elders of the area. The following image shows the locations Machulu and Talis in the Hushe Valley. It can also be clearly seen how two communities can live so close to totally different hydrological situations: the small river that descends to Talis is fed by three glaciers.


A better appreciation of what has led to the catastrophe is shown in the next two superimposed images, where we can see that both the river banks have changed their appearance. Remember that the photographic record only began after first catastrophe on 07 August 2010.

Catástrofe 2010 y Catástrofe 2011

FBF is assisting the Local Government in every possible way, in the process of assessment of the situation and the planning and execution of the recovery and welfare. But above all, FBF is focused once again on bringing the Talis community and the Local Government together, to try to see the disaster as an opportunity to empower the residents of the Hushe Valley.

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