The solidary children of the Albiztur School.

Feb 14, 2017
The children at Albiztur school have been working in their vegetable garden in order to sell their produce in the solidarity market and thus support schooling in the Hushe Valley.
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Albiztur is a small town in Gipuzkoa in the Tolosa area. The red beans that are produced and their preparation have won them a deserving reputation. This small town also has a school. A school where all the children of the town go. They are educated there, and educated very well. The children of the school in Albiztur organize a wide variety of activities during the school year, which you can see on their blog.


They also work. They have a beautiful vegetable garden and a big heart, and they don't like the fact that children in other places don't have the same opportunities as they do. That's why they have organized a solidarity market to sell the produce from the garden, and they have thought it would be a good idea to send the profits to the children in Pakistan for their scholing. They have planted the seeds, taken care of and gathered the vegetables and the money made has been transferred to the Baltistan Foundation so as to help the children of the Hushe Valley have schools of the same quality as theirs in Albiztur. Congratulations and many thanks.