Apr 05, 2018
The school year in the Hushe valley has begun. Like every year, the classrooms in the 10 primary schools in the valley open their doors at the same time the apricot trees begin to bloom
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This year there will be 1,445 students: 747 girls and 698 boys, of whom 72 are orphans who have also enrolled thanks to your VOUCHER.

In 2014, there were 893 students, 466 girls and 427 boys. Little by little, working each year, trying to improve every school year, we are fulfilling our double dream: to guarantee that girls attend school in the same proportion as boys, and that all girls and boys in the Hushe Valley finish, at least, primary school.

This does not happen the whole of Baltistan, and neither in Pakistan. This past week the presence of Malala in her country has reminded us how difficult and compromising it continues to be for a Pakistani girl to attend school. And this we are achieving thanks to you, and your voucher, with this 50€ investment of social impact that you give to us every year. ura edaten


This year we have reached, up to now, 30,300 €. The total cost of the 10 schools will be55,000€ in 2018, the families of the children and other financial sources will cover about 20,000€, and so the Baltistan Foundation still needs 5,000€ to reach our target of 35,000€.

We will reach our goal, as we are still receiving voucher subsciptions and donations like those of the Arizmendi Ikastola in Arrasate, Laskorain in Tolosa, Almen in Aretxabaleta and other sponsors who have announced their contributions.

Since 2001, we have assumed the responsibility for education, the promotion of women, and health in the whole of the 8 communties that are part of the Hushe Valley.

There are other organizations and people who carry out this work through local projects or focused on specific groups, but none of this would be possible if we did not count on such a numerous and loyal group of supportive people like you.