Although one of the biggest health problems in the Hushe Valley is the lack of access to health care, there are many common diseases among the population whose causes are the lack of information and prevention. For this reason, Baltistan Fundazioa has focused on campaigns and actions on health education such as: prevention of Hepatitis B, community health (with special emphasis on creating hygiene habits) and prevention of sexual and reproductive diseases.

According to WHO, Pakistan is the country with the highest maternal and infant mortality in the world. One of the causes is the lack of access to health care and control during pregnancy, as well as the tendency to give birth at home for religious and cultural reasons.


BaltistanFundazioa began with the health and gender project in 2016 and in this period 2016-2019:

  • More than 1600 women have participated in maternal and child health training, and 3 women have been trained as midwives. With the acquisition of 2 portable ultrasound scanners and the improvement of the facilities intended for their care, solid foundations have been laid so that women can receive assistance and early diagnosis that reduces the risks to a minimum margin.
  • More than 500 women and 350 men have participated in disease prevention training.
  • Girls and boys in the 10 schools have water and bathrooms in them, and participate since the 2015-2016 school year in health promotion activities included in the school curriculum.
  • 2 women and 2 men form the first health committee of the valley
  • The health centres in Machulu, Balegone and Hushé have been improved and one of their rooms has been adapted for the care of pregnant women in collaboration with the local authorities.