Voucher Campaingn 2020/2021

Dec 05, 2020
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Every year Baltistan Fundazioa organizes a fundraiser to help finance social initiative schools in the Hushé Valley. This consists of donations of 50 euros which we call vouchers, with which we finance the school year of a girl, or a boy from a family with no financial means.

Why girls? Because historically they have been marginalised in the education system. Today the situation is radically different and we can say that schooling is full in infant and primary education. Our challenge is to achieve full schooling until the end of secondary school.

Each voucher of 50 euros covers the total annual cost of a school place in these schools that the Foundation co-finances in the valley, ensuring access to education for GIRLS under free conditions.

You can collaborate with your help:

  • Making a deposit in the account ES05 2095 0000 70 9116423251 of Kutxabank.
  • Through our website in the section "make a contribution".
  • In order to make it easier for people who want to collaborate with the Foundation, we have added an option to make donations through PayPal.


Note: your donations can be deducted from the tax return corresponding to the financial year, in variable percentages depending on the regulations to be applied in each territory. Therefore, do not forget to include your name, ID number and province where you present your tax return in the transfer.