Posta elektroniko bat jaso dugu Islamabadetik

Igorleak, Santanderreko gizon batekin ezkondutako emakume pakistandarrak, Fundazioak Hushe Ibarrean eginiko lana goraipatzeko idazten digu. Mila esker Sara Alonso Khan-i
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My husband and I went to Mashabrum in October and visited the Felix Foundation headquarters- we just dropped in and were very happily surprised-the staff and Mr. Muhammad Hassan ( I think he was the programme manager) were all very welcoming-they showed us the offiices and all of the work they were doing.

It is really a very good job the foundation is doing. You can really see the difference in people's lives and it has a bery big presence in the area.

I am Pakistani and my husband is Spanish (from Santander). He was very proud and I was very happy to see such excellent work in such an ignored area of Pakistan!

Muy bien!


Sara Alonso Khan