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To be a woman in Pakistan

Mar 01, 2013

Baltistan Foundation is organizing a meeting for the next 6th of March in Olazti at 7:00 pm, the organizers will explain about the real situation of the women in Hushe Valley. They will analyze the projects that they have been developing in gender sector related to health issues of women.

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Ser mujer en Pakistan

Mar 01, 2013

La Fundación Baltistán va a impartir una charla el próximo 6 de marzo en la Casa de Cultura de Olazti a las 19 horas, en la que se va a dar a conocer la realidad de las mujeres del valle de Hushé. En ella se explicará el trabajo realizado desde género y relacionándolo con el objetivo que tiene el proyecto de salud para las mujeres del valle.

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Bergueda mountaineering days

Feb 22, 2013

Four mountaineering clubs from Bergueda annually organise mountaineering days, making the most of this event to strengthen ties with other entities.

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Hay muchas montañas hermosas en el valle de Hushe

Feb 20, 2013

Hay muchas montañas hermosas en el valle de Hushe, y entre las más espectaculares el Laila Peak merece un lugar especial.

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Monica Ariño and Marck Caines

Feb 20, 2013

This pair of mountaineers from Great Britain decided in 2012 to finance a teacher for the public school in Kahne.

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Winter school in the Hushe valley

Feb 14, 2013

The schools in Baltistan close for three months during winter. In Europe we have vacation in summer, however, there they take vacation in winter. The students stay home and fall behind in their studies because the majority of their parents are illiterate.

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Alex Txikon and Juanjo San Sebastian are carrying out an interesting activity in Hushe valley

Jan 30, 2013

Our colleagues and collaborators Alex Txikon and Juanjo San Sebastian are carrying out an interesting activity in Hushe valley. They are attempting to climb Laila Peak in winter, along with Sebastian Alvaro , Jose Fernandez and Ramon Portilla.

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Greetings from Machulo!

Jan 25, 2013

Today it has been a very nice moments to see our great friends in Machulo in a harsh winter season.

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2012 report on the Valley’s comprehensive education project Hushe

Jan 18, 2013

2012 report on the Valley’s comprehensive education project Hushe. The 2012 school year report on the Valley’s comprehensive education project Hushe and the information gathered by the head of the FIBFM foundation Basharat Ali can be read in the following PDF:

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Felix Baltistan Foundation is in movement

Jun 22, 2012

In Felix Baltistan Foundation we are living a moment of changes that is necessary for the future of the Foundation. As Albert Einstein mentioned: "We cannot hope that things will change if we keep doing the same. The crisis is the greatest blessing that can happen to people and countries because crisis brings progress. There is no crisis without challenges and without challenges the life becomes a routine”. We can remember that the word crisis in the original language (Greek) means change and opportunity, therefore, thinking in positive way, if we carry on working hard and motivated we are sure that we will be able to go forward with the big project of FBF.

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10 months later ….... goals achieved

Mar 13, 2012

March 8 was International Women's Day and FBF has been focusing on its new challenge, "The Gender Action Plan of FBF."

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We have more contributors!

Feb 08, 2012

Monica Ariño and Mark Caines Support the Improvement of Education in Khaney

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Shamshair Ali: "Thank you very much!"

Jan 26, 2012

I Shamshair Ali the general coordinator of the Felix Iñurrategi Foundation Baltistan Machulo. As a representative of Hushe Valley (Machulo ) I would like to thank the people who are directly or indirectly working to uplift the socio economic conditions of the Valley.

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New Activity in the Women's Vocational Training Centre Machulo

Jan 19, 2012

As part of the on going plans for opening training centres in the Hushe Valley, the Women's Development Centre has taken a step further in Machulo, with the opening of a new Training Centre here. Activities have begun which will allow the women to generate more income for themselves. New mural by the women of Machulo on the walls of the Vocational Training Centre.

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The example of Syeda Sakina

Dec 30, 2011

Syeda Sakina, received a scholarship to continue studying for a Bachelor degree outside the Hushe Valley in 2009. At that time, she lived with her family in Thalis and had never left the Valley.

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Munawar english public school

Nov 25, 2011

Campaign for the schooling of 350 children in the Hushé Valley. Munawar School is one of the cornerstones on which Felix Baltistan Fundazioa (FBF) is basing the upgrading of the educational system in the Hushé Valley (Baltistan, Pakistan).

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Process pro-gender equity in Felix Baltistan Fundazioa

Nov 04, 2011

FBF has joined the process of organizational change towards gender equality.

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Alex Talis Txikon in Talis

Aug 24, 2011

Alex and his fellow climbers, having ascended both G1 and G2 and reached 8,000 m on K2, returned to the harsh reality of Talis, engulfed by mudslides. The mountaineer describes his impression of before and after: "There are no people left or anything! At the top are just two houses" He compared it to the devastating effect of a volcano; "as if a volcano had erupted and taken everything..."

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FIFBM and FBF In Action Again in Talis

Aug 06, 2011

The reconstruction process FIFM and FBF were carrying out from 07 August 2011 has been put on hold and the efforts of both institutions are being channelled into collaboration with the local government to address the needs of the 129 affected families.

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The new catastrophe in Talis of a further 129 households is dangerously weakening life and the community

Aug 03, 2011

Shamshair Ali, the local coordinator of FIFBM, confirms the loss of life. Father of three children, A son of H is lying under the rubble of the 29 houses, covered by mud. The community has been left more vulnerable than ever; two days ago a sick child died as a result of the disaster, in this climate of confusion, displacement, lack of hygiene and two other women are, "seriously ill", quoted the coordinator.

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