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The Foundation Baltistan also works in the north of Spain, trying to bring the realities of Baltistan and Pakistan to our society.

We believe it is necessary to overcome the biased and limited views offered to us by the world media regarding Pakistan and its people. We want to make the plight of the people of Baltistan known to the international community; a culture and a community that has been pushed into oblivion by the central government of Pakistan.

With the aim of generating a more critical understanding of the reality and injustices suffered by the inhabitants of the Hushe Valley, due to unfavourable geopolitical circumstances, discriminatory policies and acculturated ethnic groups in the valley. We have launched awareness campaigns in different areas: mother tongue and Tibetan languages, highlighting the problems of certain conservative traditions, hidden responses to sectarian interests and the lack of social equity, particularly gender.

Awareness Actions Already Carried Outsensi-expo

• Exhibitions: Elkartasuna MENDIA BIDE

The Exhibition ‘Elkartasuna Mendia Bide’ (The Mountain, a bond of solidarity), covers three areas: geographical and cultural awareness, social reporting, and the progress of cooperation projects in the area.

The exhibition has been seen by:

BBK classroom culture de Elcano, the Boardroom of the municipality of Zegama, City Council of Bergara Hall of Culture, Txurdinaga Sports Centre, Bilbao, Head of Finance, Government of Biscay Zalla House of Culture, with support from the Club Alpino Zalla, Olaran Exhibition Hall, Antzuola, Gipuzkoa, with the support of Mundumira, Festival of Cultures, Oñate, Landako Gunea, exposure to funding the City of Durango and collaboration of the Club Alpino Tabira, Casa de Cultura de Bermeo, House Zaldibia Culture, Gasteiz (room Dendaraba Caja Vital) Kanpezu Cultural Hall, Alava, Club Anaitasuna, Pamplona, Intercultural Conference on Pakistan under the auspices of the Casa de Cultura de Ibarra and Jatorkin Immigrant Association, Classroom Culture Uhagón Xemein Markina.

 • Screenings and lectures on the Karakoram and the people of Baltistan with the support of the club Mendik Amurrio Lagunak in the field of Nature and Mountain Days

• Participation in Cultural Korrika in Portugal

• Workshop on the Integration of Muslim Women, along with the social services department and Andoain Bergara.