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The vision and principles of the Felix Baltistan Foundation, working in the field of international cooperation, is based on the assumption that the protagonists and promoters of any development or change should be the community itself. This concept permeates all activities of the Foundation, ensuring endogenous and participatory development. We recognise, however, that sometimes this task is not simple, something the Foundation has learned through experience.

This philosophy of action is one of the pillars of this new phase of the Foundation. To carry out this principle more effectively, the Foundation has launched a new program aimed at community building and the organisational development of the Felix Iñurrategi Foundation Machulo Baltistan, in conjunction with the community-based committees with whom we have worked for several years.

Through training, education and organisational development it is intended to enable these community committees and FIFBM, to become the true engine of development of the Hushe Valley.

The aim is to create independent and capable organisations that can manage themselves and achieve greater management control and decision making.

Committees representing the community, to lead economic development initiatives and help growth.

A community in motion, the star of their own development.